The use of child labor to create everyday products is an international problem without an easy or clear-cut solution. As part of this unit, you’ve engaged with and analyzed several sources-texts, audio and multi-media – about the problems of and solutions for child labor in two different companies- Nike and Hershey’s.
Select one of the two companies we’ve studied and write a letter to either the public or the company to 1) raise awareness on the issue of child labor in that company and 2) suggest a course of action your chosen audience can take to deal with the issue of child labor in that company. Your explanation of the problem and suggested course of action should be grounded in the ideas and evidence from at least three of the sources in this unit.
When writing the letter be sure to
  • Begin your letter with an appropriate salutation to your selected audience.
  • Introduce the topic clearly, keeping your audience in mind.
  • Develop the audience’s awareness on the issue of child labor with specific examples (e.g. relevant facts, concrete details, and/or quotations) from at least 2 sources. Your examples should show:
  • o The role of children in the production of common consumer products
  • o The impact of the labor on the children
  • Suggest a course of action that follows from your understanding of the texts and is supported by the examples you provided. Be sure to make clear the connection between your suggested course of action and the evidence and examples you cited
  • Use appropriate and varied transitions to connect your ideas
  • Demonstrate a command of standard English conventions

You will also upload all your letters on a blog created “IS52Grade6-Voices for Victims of Child Labor” and send a petition to Hersheys/Nike.